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Pulse Check - November 3, 2022

This is really good.


Ken Hubbs

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (Plato)

Fossores Chapter House

Jackson, MI

Jesus told us to become like little children Or, as the Zen masters put it, to cultivate a beginner’s mind. It’s time to begin again to be born again again To start afresh and see the world with new eyes and to appreciate the people in it as though we were meeting them for the first time. That reclaimed innocence is no small task, and we will only ever be innocent again with God’s help and for God’s glory. But this is a task we must undertake. We need the purity of a child’s love for all things and all people for all places and all creatures for all wonders and all joys. We need that not only so Christ is faithfully represented through us and our ministries But much more we need that childlike innocence if we are ever to survive. The world can be a dark and dangerous place yet Christ is with us his rod and staff comfort us and the path he has prepared for us leads us to dine with people we might otherwise despise. Only a child can do that, only one who remains somehow innocent of the crimes of others. *** The Fossores Chapter House is a retreat center where preachers, leaders, and innovators gather monthly to pray, to study, and to cultivate joy in ministry. See our events page @fossorescalendar for upcoming events, or check us out online at where you can see our 2023 calendar of events. Our last retreat of 2022 is November 16-19, concerning liturgy and story. Message us for details. #christianleader #churchleader #growinfaith #churchleadership #christianspeaker #creativechurch #christianministry #churchleaders #thegoodnews #preachers #worshipleaders #sharethegospel #churchvibes #kingdomminded #gospeltruth #communityofchristiancreatives #pastoral #godspromises #kingdomofgod #loveofgod #faithinspired #futureleaders #worshipleader #youngleaders #wordsofencouragement #ministry #christianity #fossores #chapterhouse

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